Darsal was one of the four chosen. She was beat by her uncle until Billos crippled her uncle. This sparked their love for each other. Karas followed her into the desert because Darsal reminded Karas of her mother. When they went to Other Earth, Darsal appeared there ten years before Johnis and Silvie. Crushed by Billos's presumed death, she turned to Alucard and became his servant. She killed Alucard, but revealed that she was the Dark One. When she returned to Other Earth, she was put in a dungeon. the prisoners told her to drown in a red pool. When she looked enough like a Scab, she tricked the guards into letting her go. They did, and she drowned. Elyon told her she was not the Dark One. He also told her to love the Horde. She became Marak's slave, and later his lover. Darsal led Johnis and Silvie to the red pools. She lived with Marak, Johnis, and Silvie in the blue forests at the end of Elyon.