The Horde is a group that follows the ways of Teeleh and the Shataiki. They live in a secluded city past the desert. They are led by the Supreme Leader Quorong. The Horde despise the Forest Dwellers, often calling them diseased albinos.


All the Horde have a scabbing disease that causes their skin to crack and scab, and makes their joints ache. The Horde do not recognize their condition as an illness and insist it is the Forest Dwellers who are diseased.


The Horde was created when Tanis drank the forbidden water, freeing the Shataiki. Tanis became Qurong the leader of his followers, the Horde.    


The Horde's religion started with a priest know as Witch who instated the worship of Teeleh. The next priest, Ciphus, created the religion of the combined worship of both Elyon and Teeleh. Sucrow remade the worship of Teeleh until his death. The next religion was created by Ba'al, who was previously a Forest Dweller. Ba'al worshiped Teeleh and the Shataiki Queen.