Title The Chosen One
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The Forest Dwellers

Johnis lived in Middle Forest. When Thomas was recruiting 16 year olds Johnis was originally rejected, but later chosen for his cunning with the Horde Ball. When Billos , Silvie , and Darsal, and he went out to get the Catalina Cacti, the Horde attacked them. Johnis was almost killed in a box canyon when Gabil showed him a secret cave. There Gabil and Michal gave Johnis the quest to find the Lost Books. In the desert he fell in love with Silvie. In Infidel, he rescued his mother from the Horde and turned Karas into a Forest Dweller. He and Silvie stuck together for the most part. In the last two books he was posessed by the Leedhan queen Shaeda. Darsal convinced he and Silvie to drown after Shaeda released him. He ended up living in the blue forests at the end of Elyon.